Finding your voice


What is it that is said about opinions? – That everybody has one along with other things?

Very true.  And for some reason, I am always shocked to find out that everyone doesn’t know mine already. 😉  So I am “sharing” some of  them in my voice.

I am trying what most likely  a gazillion people have tried before, to write an actual blog  about biz and life and everything  in between.

This one is about finding your voice. And I mean that in the literal sense.

My friend and I were having your basic “we are getting old and what is the shit we still want to do” conversation. And singing came up – then the fact that our small Community Ed offered a Fundamentals of Solo Singing class came up – then we signed up – then we  panicked – then we participated – then we fell in love…

Challenging myself  and getting out and I mean WAY out of my comfort zone has been accomplished and along with it:  some fear, sweat, breathing, hysterical laughter and joy.  This was for me  and I am so glad I did it. For a follow up to finding my voice is this – my next  adventure/experiment/blog.

Now for the cliche -ish finish.  Find your voice.  In business, in your personal life, maybe someone will listen maybe not – but in end you can be satisfied that it is undeniably,  your voice.