Solar Eclipse 2017


Thoughts This eclipse did not “belong” to anyone in my opinion.  Everyone had their own experience whether it was viewed partial, total, in a backyard, from an organized festival or even in flight.  Each human ... Read More

Whack a Mole (or a hacker)


In college I  distinctly remember  leafing through class offerings – desperately looking for a class that: fulfilled a requirement for my major and did not put me to sleep in the first 20 minutes. Tough assignment, but ... Read More

All Hail Social Media


“Social Media”  is the baby who grew to towering heights in a very short time – In my mind, it is akin to King Kong.  A super big, powerful gorilla hanging out on top of … Read More

Finding your voice


What is it that is said about opinions? – That everybody has one along with other things?